Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What do I eat?

I have eliminated all bread, pasta, rice, beans, desserts, added sugar, and potatoes! That doesn't seem to leave much does it. Well, it leaves all meat/seafood, green vegetables, a few other vegetables, most nuts. And most importantly, I can eat bacon, avocadoes, cheese and steak!

I said before that I don't like to follow all the rules. Even though this diet generally calls for eliminating all fruit except berries, I am eating some fruit each day. Most days I eat a banana and some days I eat an apple as well. I would eat more berries if they weren't so expensive. Fruit is just good for you! I refuse to eliminate it entirely.

I like this plan so far because I don't have to count calories or calculate points. I just eat the allowed foods. At this point, I can tell that I feel more satisfied after a meal and don't go for snacks nearly as often.

I think it's true of most healthy eating plans, you have to do some planning ahead, you have to do some cooking. Very true of this one as well.

Here are a couple of simple pictures that helped me get started.  In addition, I did lots of reading (see link in previous post).


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