Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Keto Flu

Let me tell you about the Keto Flu. It's miserable. It is hard for a body to adjust to a life without carbs!

I was super tired, had headaches, I was really grumpy. So grumpy that it became funny! Grumpy becomes funny when you are so aware of it yourself. I hardly ever get annoyed, mean or even crabby. When I noticed myself saying something 'not so nice', I would then laugh at myself. It was so weird! Some of my co-workers seemed to sort of like this version of me... feisty and sarcastic.

It would have been so easy to feel better by eating some carbs. But I just sucked it up, toughed it out. Now, here I am feeling better and very happy to have made it through such a dark time (you hear my sarcasm, right?). I knew there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I did figure out one thing that seemed to help. I had read that reducing carbs depletes your electrolytes. I saw suggestions of different foods you should eat, vitamins to try. I thought to myself "Isn't that what Powerade/Gatorade is for?". I started drinking Powerade Zero, usually just one 20 ounce bottle spread out over the day mixed with water. I am pretty sure that it helped.

Right on the bottle.... it names those electrolytes that you start missing when eating low carb (not just from sweating).

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