Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Things......

So, I thought I'd show you a few random things from the last few months that I haven't been here......

I've made more skeleton hand oven mitts to give as gifts, but this time they have a little bling! A "diamond" ring!

This is a little joke I played on Eddie. He had been eating eggs every day for a week. Once I drew the faces on all the eggs, he didn't eat an egg for over a week. Seemed like I was waiting forever to get the reaction I was looking for!

You know I love the thrift stores and I'm a University of Georgia graduate.... I couldn't resist buying this toy for a dollar. The outside zips up around the bulldog to form a football.

A luna moth on my deck.

Our new Maine Coon kitten, Dexter. In this picture, he was four weeks old. He's now almost 4 months old. You know I will have a post dedicated just to him in the near future. He is so much fun!!

Eddie built these cool vertical shelves for me to go in my office. I got the idea for them here.

See you again soon!