Sunday, June 10, 2012

All About Dexter

No, not Dexter the serial killer.
But, our Dexter is named after that awesome guy, who only kills those that deserve it......

I have always said that I would only get pets from rescue/adoption organizations. Well, I lied.

Sheldon, the cat we adopted over a year ago, is apparently part Maine Coon. Eddie really fell in love with the breed and I've always wanted an orange cat. So, Eddie started researching.... There's a breeder just about an hour away from us, he tells me. Actually, he had already reserved this little guy when he decided to tell me about it.

So we took a little trip to meet him. How could I resist?

Here he is at about 7 weeks old, still at the breeder. Also pictured with one of his siblings.

We brought him home when he was ten weeks old.

Sweet ball of fur.

Dexter and Sheldon became close friends within two days. They get along great, playing most of the day.

And here they are hanging out with me in my office. Dexter is almost 4 months old and Sheldon is about 20 months old.

Oh, and since Dexter is a full breed Maine Coon, he has been registed and his full name is
Big Meow Dexter Morgan Hood.
Big Meow (the breeder)
Dexter Morgan (tv serial killer)
Hood (our last name)