Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crafty Housewife - Make-up Chest Makeover

 I've never liked to stand at the bathroom mirror to do my make-up. I've had a desk with a lighted and magnified make-up mirror since I was a teenager. I'm really thrown off when I have to stand to do make-up at a hotel or anywhere besides home. Plus, it's just hard to see since I'm used to the magnification.
Anyway, I have this little chest that I use to store make-up and hair accessories. It sits on the desk I use as a vanity in my office. Actually, the room is half office and half "make-up room".

The Before:

I got some inspiration from this little chest that was for sale on Etsy (I saw it on Pinterest).

So, I found a bird stencil on the web (I use Google images all the time for this kind of search), traced in on to the chest, painted it black. I wanted the look of antique glass knobs for the drawer pulls. I found the perfect buttons at Jo-Ann.

The After:

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Look so much better.