Friday, March 5, 2010

School Stuff

This quarter is almost done, I just have a week and a half left. Unfortunately, that includes 3 big tests: a lab final on Tuesday, lecture test #4 on Thursday and a cumulative final exam the next Tuesday. Focus, focus, focus...

This week, we covered several topics: spinal cord, nerves, nerve reflexes, the eye and ear.

Didn't that look fun??

Word of the Day:
(I like the long, weird words)


The unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself. (In other words, knowing where your body parts are at all times!) There are receptors all over that are continuously telling your brain what all your body parts are doing.

Did you know?
(interesting or amazing facts)

There are touch receptors located throughout your skin, but they are not evenly distributed. In other words, some parts of the body have higher concentrations of receptors, giving you more sensitivity. Try this experiment on a friend: Have the friend close their eyes. Using 2 slightly pointed objects (keys, pencils) touch the person on the back, thigh, hand, face... Each time, ask them if they feel one or two points on their skin. They will be able to tell it was two points on some parts, but other parts will feel like just one!

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