Monday, June 14, 2010

Pork Loin Roll-Up Sandwiches

It's good to have leftovers!

Eddie's parents were here for dinner Friday night and we made Polynesian Pork Loin and a version of pineapple rice. So, on Sunday night we made these Roll-Up Sandwiches.

Follow this link to the Polynesian Flank Steak... we used the same marinade on the pork loin. Roll up sliced meat with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and the condiments of your choice.

For this version of pineapple rice: Cook package of yellow rice according to package directions. Meanwhile saute diced red bell pepper, diced onion and canned or fresh pineapple chunks. Mix into rice when it's done.

I also made another cute salad! I saw the cucumber and grape tomatoes set up like this on another blog - there's a restaurant somewhere that serves it like this.

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