Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crafty Housewife

So sorry I haven't been here for a while! I am addicted to Pinterest and have been over there wasting all my time... Well, actually, I'm here to prove that it has not been wasted time. I have been doing a little crafting based on some of the great things I have found at Pinterest.

The crafting may slow down as I'll be back to school next week for my final semester!! But, I do have a new project.... I'm going to create a home office for myself. I have been sharing Eddie's office all this time. Not a terrible thing, just tired of looking at pilot/airplane/flying stuff. I want my own pretty things! Like purple and pink things, Georgia Bulldog things, X-ray things, creative/crafty things!

Anyway, here are some things I've made lately...

Infinity scarf from a t-shirt (I buy t-shirts for crafts for $1 -2 at thrift stores)

Scarf and hat decoration for a wine bottle gift (ready for next Christmas), made from a thin fleece material (free! I already had this fleece)

Pencil/pen holder - sweater (one I was about to donate) wrapped around a Mason jar, there is one seam up the back and I used hot glue to hold it to the bottom of the jar (free! already had all this stuff)

Thrifted canape spreader (bought for 21 cents!), I removed original handle and added a pretty wine cork

Redneck Wine Glasses - had the Mason jars on hand, bought the candlesticks at a thrift store for $1 each, used 5-minute epoxy to put them together

To see the originals that inspired me, check out my Pinterest board titled "Made It, Got It, Did It!!!".

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