Friday, February 19, 2010

School Stuff

I thought I would share some of my newly obtained knowledge on a more regular basis...

This week, I have been studying the nervous system.

Word of the Day:
(I like the long, weird words)


This is one of the supportive cells that you have in nervous tissue of the central nervous system in addition to the neurons (pictured above). This supportive cell makes a myelin sheath around the axon of the neuron. The myelin sheath speeds up the electrical impulse, insulates the axon and conserves energy.

Did You Know?
(interesting or amazing facts)

Nerve cells can send 2500 impulses per second! (So, did we really need to speed it up with the myelin sheath?)

I have a test on Monday covering joints, muscle physiology, muscles and the nervous system. I hope I'll get another A.

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