Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Eve Dinner to be exact... I don't get too concerned with celebrating holidays or birthdays or other occasions on the exact date. I prefer to celebrate when it's most convenient. Like on a Saturday night instead of a school/work night.

A pretty little salad with a heart carved out of red bell pepper. That just came to me at the last minute as I was preparing the salad.

Another creative idea that just popped into my head even after I had lit the candles... Recycling the Christmas candy canes.

I cooked the scallops (recipe here). Eddie grilled the steak. Kroger provided the bread.

Okay, so the next picture does not look as appetizing as the previous ones... Sorry about that... But it was delicious! Eddie surprised me with a Grilled Banana Split. He split the banana, put marshmallows, chocolate chips and walnuts inside, then wrapped it in aluminum foil. Grilled it for about 10 minutes. Served with vanilla ice cream and cherries on top.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, you're wrong about that. It does look appetizing. Very.

I can't eat ice cream anymore, but if I substituted LaLoo's Snowflake.......