Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Freezing Brown Rice

I have discovered that I can freeze brown rice in individual servings. May not be a huge discovery, but I had never done it before. I find it very useful because my favorite way to cook brown rice makes about 5 cups, more than I need at any one time. (I know, I could figure out how to adjust the recipe and make less....)
After baking, let it sit uncovered and completely cool..... completely cool, and fairly dry. I put one cup portions into ziploc sandwich bags. Squeeze the air out and seal the bags. I flatten them so they will heat evenly later. I have re-heated the rice in the bag in the microwave for one minute, maybe a bit more.  I would probably transfer to a bowl and cover if I was re-heating more than one portion at a time, maybe add a tablespoon of water for a little steam.
This worked great! Rice was just as good as when first cooked.

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