Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eddie's Plants

Eddie's mom bought a tomato plant kit similar to those you see on TV, with a plant that comes out of the bottom of the pot. This one was from WalMart. Her husband Nick said it would NEVER work, so she gave it to us.

I admit, we cheated a little and bought 2 small plants instead of starting with the seeds that came with the kit. We have Roma tomatoes on the bottom and I can't remember what's on top.

We've had it planted for about 3 weeks. It doesn't look as healthy as it could, but it is growing and has one little tomato on each plant.

First tomato on the top plant.

First of the Roma tomatoes on the bottom.

And, Eddie's growing watermelons, too! He started these from seeds. I think he has 3 different varieties. He's going to plant them on the side of the garage when they are ready to go in the ground.

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