Monday, April 12, 2010

School Stuff

A little update...

Public Speaking class - I gave my first speech last Thursday. It was a success, even though I thought my heart was going to shake right out of my body. Lucky for me, it didn't look like it felt. I know this because I am forced to watch the video after my speeches so I can evaluate myself and learn from mistakes. It's weird to watch yourself.

On a more positive note - I will thank my instructor tomorrow for having a video camera that removes 10 pounds instead of adding 10 pounds!

Anatomy & Physiology - I had my first test of the quarter today. I made 101%, highest grade in the class. Who knew? Really, who knew I could do so well?

I do have a friendly competition going with two of my classmates. Last quarter, we sort of took turns making the high grades. A little inspiration never hurts.

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