Monday, September 22, 2008

Skinny Girl

Well, not really skinny, but I weigh a lot less than I did in April when I began Weight Watchers. I have lost about 26 pounds in four and a half months. I'm still trying to lose a little more, but it's coming off much slower now. This has been so much easier than any other eating plan I've been on. The only problem is that you have to continue to eat this way for life (if you want to stay skinny, that is!) And I do.

It's been so great mostly because I have never been hungry, I don't eat anything unusual and Eddie has been extremely supportive. It helps that I enjoy planning and cooking meals and that I don't mind taking my lunch to work everyday. You definitely need a commitment to planning and cooking for yourself.

Maybe I'll show you some before and after pictures one day soon.

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Anonymous said...

How are you doing on the weight loss / maintenance? It is such a struggle for me. Ugh. I need to lose a bunch of weight -- a good 30 or 40 pounds -- and just can't seem to find the motivation.

Well, hope you're doing well with it.