Sunday, October 6, 2013


It makes no difference that I get a real paycheck now....
I still love going to the Goodwill store!
These boots were about $7. It was obvious that the soles had never touched the floor, brand new!
Think I should wear them with shorts to Walmart??
You know I like to cook. I could not resist buying this and looking like a professional chef in my own kitchen. $6

Nice Rosetti purse...$6. The outside pocket has pockets for credit cards, etc. and a zipper pouch inside for cash and change. All the purses I've bought in the last few years have this feature. I don't own a separate wallet anymore
I found a business card in the inside pocket. Turns out this purse belonged to a friend I used to work with. I contacted her on FaceBook and when I asked about it, she said she had donated a red purse to Goodwill recently.

I hope you have happy shopping trips, too!

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